Caig Deoxit Squeeze Tube Essentials, D100, S100, F100, G100 Cleaner & Treatment


Series G100, Shield S Series S100, Fader F Series F100 and D100 Contact Cleaner

Clean, lubricate & protect all your equipment
Maintains new system performance
Chemically improves connections (without harm to metals and plastics)
Specially formulated for conductive plastic and carbon compound faders & pots
Use shield for severe environments

This pack contains everything you need to ensure you’re expensive electronic equipment is maintained, cleaned and protected. Using Caig’s unique contact cleaner, conditioner, enhancer, lubricant and protectant you can improves conductivity, maintain optimum signal quality, reduce fretting & dendrite corrosion and stabilise connections between similar and dissimilar metals.

DeoxIT ® D Series squeeze tube (#D100L-2C)
DeoxIT ® Gold squeeze tube (#G100L-2C)
DeoxIT ® Shield squeeze tube (#S100L-2C)
DeoxIT ® Fader Liquid squeeze tube (#F100L-L2C)

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