New NI Traktor Z2 Compatible Pro X Fade (XCP) Analogue Crossfader, Full Retail Pack 2019




Compatible with NI Traktor Z2 and many also many older Vestax PMC range mixers.

Retail kit box content:

1 XCP Pro X Fade Crossfader with dual connector PCB

1 PXF ‘Ether’ Lube with Pippete

2 Fader plate screws

1 Black Fader Knob

Pro X Fade XCP advanced crossfader

The Pro X Fade XCP is the most advanced analogue cross fader using third generation 100% conductive plastic technology. It’s a cost effective, high quality retro-fit alternative to existing cross faders fitted in retail mixers. It offers amazing strength and durability by using cutting edge conductive plastic technology (which means that it will never wear down). Users can also physically change the feel of the fader to suit their own needs, by using adjustable cut-in rotaries and tension torque control. A simple yet practical design also allows easy access for lubricating and cleaning.

The Pro-X-Fade offers the user genuine innovation, and was created by DJ’s for DJ’s, with heavy input from the turntablist scenes key players. Rather than just some flashy gadget or gimmicky piece of equipment, the Pro-X-Fade is a real solution to real problems faced by DJs. In development of the Pro-X-Fade worked alongside a wide range of DJs – from scratch happy DMC DJ Champs, to Pioneering Club DJs; spinning everything from drum and bass, house, techno, electro to chilled- out ambient beats.

Considerations when buying a fader for scratching

The following are important things when choosing a fader: –

Curve – This is largely dictated by your mixer. The curve is how quickly it goes from being able to hear the sound coming in, to the sound hitting full volume as you move the fader. The more quickly this occurs, the less distance you have to move the fader for this to happen. With most scratching techniques (other than fading ones) you want the crossfader to work basically like a switch, rather than having the sound fade in and out after a longer distance.

Lag – This is the amount of dead space at each end of the fader, so it’s how far you have to move the fader before you initially hear any sound. Some DJs like to have a little bit of lag at the ends of the fader, while others like it to cut in as sharply as possible.

Tension – This is how stiff the fader feels when you slide it left and right. Again, how much fader tension DJs want will vary from DJ to DJ, but most scratch DJs would want the fader to be nearer the lighter end of the scale as opposed to nearer the stiffer end.

Stem/Fader cap – The fader stem needs to be strong. Scratch/battle DJs give their faders a healthy beating compared to regular mix DJs, so the last thing you want is a fader that has a stem that’s likely to snap. Also, the shape of the fader cap makes a difference, with some DJs preferring a triangular sloped fader cap and others preferring a rectangular shape. We also have an improved knob which can be purchased separately with reinforced rubber inside walls to help stop the knob warping over time which results in ‘wobble’ and we’ve added a locking feature which locks onto the fader stem, so it doesn’t fly off during use. (Sold Separately)

Sound – One of the reasons scratch DJs will go for an analogue fader is because of sound. It gives you a nice natural sound without any unwanted clicking or popping – the sort of sounds you might hear if you try and scratch with your line switch, for example.

Adjustments and features.

The Pro X Fade has a couple of adjustments that many faders do not have. If you look at the image of the fader above, you can see a little wheel at each end of the fader rail. Turning these wheels moves them in and out and allows you to adjust the lag. Also, there is a little hole under the fader stem where you can use an Allen key to adjust the tension of the fader. With the tension set on the lowest setting, the fader is very light and smooth.

You also get a knob and our brand new PXF ‘Ether’ lube.

The fader tracks are made of 100% conductive plastic for a long life and reduced bleeding. The fader stem is thick and strong and is about 8mm wide. It will never snap, they’ve clearly done their best to build the fader to last. The fader cap is sloped/triangular. The fader is also very easy to take apart to clean as you just pull the cover off and the fader looks just as it does in the image provided.

Video Instructions here:

Whats New?

This version of the fader with extra long life conductive plastic tracks, (XCP) includes our specially formulated PXF ‘Ether’ a small vase of fluid which has been developed for the new tracks.

Other older versions of the PXF have a green PCB board and this new 2017 version has a black PCB board.

We now only stock and sell the improved 2019 models.

What we have improved are the tracks, by improving the tracks using 3rd generation XCP tracks and the PXF ‘Ether’ it means the fader will last longer between needing to be cleaned, as long as it’s used in normal conditions. So now you can enjoy your fader for longer. The PXF ‘Ether’ has got lubricating and intense cleaning agents, which unlike our previous use of just Caig lube, doesn’t leave residual on the tracks, as when Caig was used on it’s own, when it dried, it left a layer which would attract the build up of dirt. With our new formula and track, we have significantly reduced this issue. We will have already added this lube for you on your fader, so you don’t need to add anything yet.

The nature of contact fader’s is such that, one can never eliminate this, compared with a non contact faders, however with our fader, you also get the sound, control and smooth buttery feel which is difficult to achieve on conventional non contact faders, as they are often super loose and sound totally digital.

You may not think there would be too much difference between contact and non contact in terms of faders, however any advanced scratch DJ’s can tell you, the warmth and almost musical feel of a precisely configured analogue fader adds an almost harmonic tone to your scratching, something which current non contact faders cannot achieve.

Should you require cleaning in the future we now recommend that you only clean when it’s absolutely required. You use a tiny dab of our PXF ‘Ether’ formula. Please use a pipette to dab one drop as what we supply is super concentrated. Just one drop on rails and 1 drop on tracks is needed, then follow our cleaning guide but use our PXF ‘Ether’ formula after applying the Caig, always ensure you wipe off any residue liquid with a clean lint free cloth or wipe.