Caig Deoxit Contact Cleaner D100L2C 100% 2mL tube



Chemically Improves Connections
(without harm to metals and plastics)

DeoxIT® contact cleaner is a fast-acting de-oxidising solution that cleans, protects, lubricates and improves conductivity on all metal connectors and contacts. Use as a general treatment for connectors, contacts, faders, pots, switches and other metal surfaces, and on non-critical metal surfaces with severe oxidation and corrosion.

DeoxIT® dissolves the contamination and protects the surface.


Improves Conductivity
Removes Oxidisation, Cleans & Preserves
Reduces Intermittent Connections
Reduces Arcing & RFI
Reduces Wear & Abrasion
Temperature Range, -34 C (-29 F) to +200 C (400 F)
DeoxIT® D100L Squeeze Tube, 100% solution, 2 ml
(Applications = 50 +/- drops, 0.04 ml/drop)

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Directions for Use:

Turn off and unplug device.
Apply a drop amount to contact/connector surface.

Operate the part/device to help distribute the D100 to break up oxides and contamination.

Re-apply a drop to metal surfaces and wipe off excess. It is important to wipe excess, with a lint-free swab or cloth as only a thin coating is required on surfaces.

Wait 2 mins before turning equipment on.

In extreme cases (severe oxidation or corrosion), you may need to leave D100 on overnight. If that is necessary; apply, then the following day remove any contaminants lifted by D100 with a lint free swab or cloth on accessible surfaces (If surface is not accessible, repeat as above).

When surface is clean (no residue showing on the swab/cloth), finish with a dab of D100, then remove excess leaving a thin layer.

If you notice a green or black colouration on the surface (may take a few days) after applying, this indicates dissolved oxidation and contamination (surface was severly oxidised/contaminated) follow steps above.

For severe environment protection: After surface is clean, apply Deoxit Shield S100L-2C (see my other items) for outdoor and severe environments (humidity, salts, pollutants, sulfur, etc).