PXF ‘Ether’ Super Lubricant 0.5ml concentrated


PXF 'Ether'



This lubricant has been specifically formulated for use with the PXF ‘XCP’ tracks and will also work with our original CP tracks.

So now you can enjoy your fader for even longer. The PXF ‘Ether’ lube has been developed with lubricating and intense cleaning agents, which unlike our previous use of just Caig lube, doesn’t leave residual on the tracks.

We found that when Caig was used on it’s own, when it dried, it left a layer which would attract the build up of dirt. With this new formula and in conjunction with the XCP tracks, we have significantly reduced this issue.

All new retail kits and faders sold on this site now come pre lubed with this concentrated PXF ‘Ether’. If you run out, you can purchase here.

approx 0.5ml concentrated

Comes with a 0.2ml graduated pippette.

Application: Use one drop on each rail, one drop on each track. Operate the fader so the lube spreads across the entire track and rails. Clean off excess fluid with a lint free cloth after use.